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Nomeco CTSM

Nomeco CTSM is a highly specialised provider of solutions within clinical trial supply.

With over 10 years of experience, we have the expertise, the best services and the flexibility to help you achieve the optimal clinical trial supply and adding knowledge and success to your clinical trials.

Today we are working with clinical trials ranging from small biotech to large pharma sponsored trials and investigator initiated studies.

We create optimal individualised solutions by adjusting and combining our services according to the specific needs of our clients. Our highly flexible solutions ranges from clinical trial supply planning and optimisation, production of labels, GMP packaging, global distribution and return and destruction. The aim is to ensure the most effective logistics setup and optimal clinical trial supply management for local and global clinical trials.


Nomeco CTSM is a department within Nomeco A/S, which is the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and healthcare logistics outsourcing partner of the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark. For more information about Nomeco A/S. Through the established partnership with more than 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, Nomeco has been acknowledged as Scandinavia’s leading healthcare logistics partner in this field.

Nomeco A/S is part of a strong international logistics network being fully owned by the German PHOENIX group – the leading pharmaceutical logistics company in Europe. For more information about PHOENIX group and our international presence. Several clinical trial supply units in Europe are part of the PHOENIX group which ensures a widely spread logistics network together with an extensive local knowlegde in EU and close contact with local health Authorities. We offer one point of contact for coordinating your local and international clinical trials.

Your Benefits

  • Balancing IMP AVAILABILITY and minimising product waste
  • Reducing cost by MINIMAL WASTE of IMP
  • STREAMLINED and optimised supply chain


Nomeco CTSM
Borgm. Christiansens Gade 40
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