The best randomisation solution

Design of Randomisation

Randomisation in clinical trials can be handled either manually or through an IWRS system. Nomeco CTSM can help you decide which approach is optimal for your specific trial.

Bigger trials will often require an IWRS system. Our team will support you in configuring and validating the IWRS system. Based on your input and ideas we help you build the most efficient system for your trial in close collaboration with the IWRS vendor. This means reduced time and effort for you as a sponsor, as our team has extensive experience in various systems from different IWRS vendors.

Manual Randomisation will be a good choice for the smaller studies. Besides achieving a significant cost reduction compared to an IWRS system, it increases the flexibility throughout the lifetime of the clinical trial. Nomeco CTSM ensures that site staff can access the randomisation numbers in an easy, blinded and secure way.

Your Benefits

  • Balancing IMP AVAILABILITY and minimising product waste
  • Reducing cost by MINIMAL WASTE of IMP
  • STREAMLINED and optimised supply chain


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